Up for sale
2 x zotac 460 1gb cards. About 18 months old and run incredible well.
Will included sli bridge.

Boxes can be sent at buyers request. Shipping will be more.

need to get rid of these as i bought a 7970 and need to make up some of the money i spent
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  1. bump
  2. I will consider offers
  3. Bump.. WIll you seperate?
  4. Would prefer to kept as a set if possible, May split depending on what price you had in mind
  5. still looking to move these
  6. Bump dropping price to 190 for both or 100 for one
  7. bump
  8. will take 180
  9. can you post a link to the exact card you are selling, i am seriously considering them...
  10. bump
  11. bump
  12. how about 170 shipped for the pair?
  13. Bump this, and price lowered
  14. Bump 1 left 90 dollars takes it
  15. Take $75?
  16. Nope 90 shipped is my lowest price, cost me around 10 dollars to ship the last one
  17. bump
  18. Still looking to move this last one
  19. bump
  20. bump
  21. bump really would like to move this asap
  22. bump
  23. bump will take 80 for it
  24. bump
  25. Bump 80 shipped takes it
  26. bump
  27. Hey James, sent you a PM
  28. bump
  29. bump still 80 for it
  30. bump really want to move it
  31. bump
  32. droping it 75 dollar i leave for college in 1 week need to move it now
  33. 50$
  34. Rofl, get real my friend i'm already at the lowest they sell for on ebay. I'm not looking to give stuff away.
  35. 65$
  36. lowest i will take is 70
  37. Ill do 70$ Email me at to set up payment
  38. sent
  39. bump will take 70 for it, you must be able to pay right away
  40. James161324 said:
    bump will take 70 for it, you must be able to pay right away

    I'd like this
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