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Best gaming mouse pad?

What is the best gaming mouse pad for my razer mamba? Price doesn't really matter just nothing over $50.
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  1. I have a Razer Mantis Speed mat,since i have had it i have never looked back,along with the Deathadder mouse it improved my first person shooter games no end,and especialy online. Its a big mat which is good because with the normal sized mouse mat i tend to go off the edge while playing FPS games.I would highly recommend it,now you say you dont want to pay more than $50,well i am from the uk and from Amazon it cost me around £15,so that about $24 i think,then you have your post and packing on top of that.
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    The SteelSeries mouse pads are great, they have some great designs as well from members of the best gaming teams in the world. Pretty good, but mostly for genuine check-this-out'ness
  3. +1 for SteelSeries, I have a great bigun (mouse mat that is) and I love it.
  4. I really cannot believe that a mouse pad makes any differenece. I, personally, would not spend more than 6 dollars on one. Just get a nice mouse and a smooth pad.
  5. steelseries offer good surfaces
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  7. I have to go with the FUNC found on I have used this mouse pad for 6 years without any problems. Still looks and works like new.
  8. Razer Destructor Nice Gaming mouse pad :ange: but when u open its smells like crap
  9. Razer Destructor is good mouse pad.
  10. QcK

    Purchaseable in 3sizes
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