Asus GTX 560ti 448... For sale

Anybody here (preferably from Europe) want to buy an Asus GTX 560ti 448? It's a badass card, can overclock to around 880mhz and has 1.25GB ram. I could run Battlefield 3 on Ultra with it without Anti-aliasing and get an average of 50-60fps. With 2x Anti-aliasing and a couple of settings reduced to high could get around the same results, it performed better than expected! But now I have a GTX 670

The card is the 3 slot Direct CUII version, and same temps of around 65c on full load. These versions are becoming more difficult to get hold of, due to their limited production, so it would suit someone perfectly looking to pick up now for SLI.

This card OC'ed gives 570 like performance.

Let me know if you're interested and what you'd be willing to pay
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  1. sold?
  2. Sounds like a good deal, already have a 7970 though :).
  3. Pictures please.
  4. ^ interested. Pm'd
  5. 140, pm if interested
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