For some reason, viewing some things (mostly webpages) causes them to be displayed in a different font than usual. I'm wondering what causes this. Here's an example:

I have the contents of my C:\Windows\Fonts folder in a text file.
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  1. The fonts you see on web pages are set by the designer of the web page.
  2. Jonmor's right as long as the page actually specifies fonts. If it doesn't, then the browser applies default fonts.

    I'm not familiar with the current version of Opera, but as an example in Firefox you can set the default fonts using:

    Tools -> Options -> Content Tab -> Click "Advanced" under "Fonts and Colors".
  3. Hmm, guess I solved it. For some reason Arial was showing up as italic by default, so I reinstalled Arial from here and text shows up normally. Thanks anyway.
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