PC configuration for Gaming??

Hi Gaming Community,

I am playing games on PC for long specially FPS. Now I need to prepare a new PC specially for gaming as many new generation games doesn't work. Following is the configuration I have in mind right now and need to finalize within a week.

CPU - C2D 2.7Ghz
Motherboard - Intel Original - G31
RAM - Simtronix(or Transient??) - 2x2 GB
HDD - Seagate-320 GB
LCD - LG 19"
AGP Card - 512 MB - Company?

Please help and suggest

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. You'll be heavily limited my having to use an AGP card. I think AMD have the HD3850 and possibly one 4000 card available. If I were you though, I'd look at a new motherboard.

    How many of the components listed do you already have?
  2. What is your budget? the config you have listed isn't that good. Also are you likely to build yourself and if so are you going to reuse any parts?
  3. Ok... I would be getting new hardware and would sell off my old PC. My old PC is P4 2.42Ghz, RAM 512MB, Motherboard Omaxe 845

    My budget for new PC is around 20-25k INR (around $500)

    Also which graphics card should I look for?
  4. Maybe read this article..


    ..and see if you can re-use any of your existing bits to knock the cost down from $700 to your $500 budget. Also give some thought as to whether you would want to overclcok it to get the most out of what you buy. OK it's using an old socket which isn't so good, but on the other had that is one of the constraints of the tight budget. There are also some options around the graphics cards here I think, you could start with only 1 to meet budget with a view to upgrade later or go for something different entirely.

    But anyway this is one way an experienced builder thought was a good way to spend $700 in December so things won't have changed a huge amount..
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