COD4- iw3mp.exe not working :S

hi :), i have just bought my gaming computer and i have installed cod 4 from the disc and applied all the patches up to 1.7 and my multiplayer is not working it comes up with iw3mp.exe not working but the single player works fine. ive heard that you go to control panel, sound, recording tab, and then show hiden devices and enable something but its not there on my recording tab :S.
pleaseee help, thank you
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  1. btw, i have windows 7
  2. What do you mean by not working? I have a fairly good knowledge with troubleshooting this game, so if you can be more specific with the problem, I may well have a few suggestions to help you out.
  3. well, i start up multiplayer and i message comes up saying iw3mp.exe has stopped working. i have no idea why its doing this because i have researched it a little and everyone seems to fix it by going to sound then recording tab and enableling a device but this device isnt there when i follow the intructions to fix this problem. get it ? :/
  4. hey iw3mp is working just fine but when i go to press ~ to put in an ip address the bar doesnt show up, any suggestions plz i need help only way i can play online and singleplayer doesnt work worth crap for me.... :(
  5. excuse me, get your own thread ?
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