New PC spec any known compatibilty issues?

My dad wants a new PC for my brother and sister to use. My brother is 11 and now starting to get into using the computer. He is also starting to use games but the main use of the computer will be boring old word processing.

My dad has got a quote for a PC that i think will just about meet his needs but i am suggesting a few changes that i want your opinion on.

Here is the original specification of the machine as given to me by the store that will be building it:

Intel P4 2.8Ghz 800 FSB Processor
Intel 865E Pro chipset Motherboard (1 AGP, 5 PCI Slots, 6USB ports)
Midi Tower Case
512MB 2700 DDRAM 333Mhz
SATA 120 GB Seagate 7200 rpm Hard Disk Drive
3.5” Floppy Disk Drive
15” Goldstar 1512S TFT Colour Monitor
128MB AGP Geforce4 FX5200 Graphics Card
Microsoft Cordless Keyboard & Optical Mouse
16 Speed Goldstar DVD ROM Drive
52x24x52 Goldstar CDRW Drive
Onboard 6 Channel AC97 Audio Soundcard with 2.1 Speakers
Onboard 10/100 Lan Card
Microsoft Windows XP Home
(i assume the powersupply will be adequate but these guys dont think it is important enough to list!)

My suggestions were as follows:

change the motherboard to an MSI Neo 2 which is much faster
change the Ram to 2*256mb 3200 DDR ram modules

I reckon the weakest component is then the graphics card. The next model up is about £50 more expensive and i am not sure i will be able to convince him to upgrade. I also prefer ATI cards so am a little weary of the GeForce card.

What is your experience? Is it really worth upgrading the card and will my 11 yr old brother notice any difference?

Are there any known issues with this set up?

Would you change anything?

Thanks in advance for your replies,



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  1. TI4200 is better than FX5200 $80 Do not know if you can find them where you live.
  2. Change Dvd and CDRW to Liteon.
  3. If you can get it in your area, the abit is7 would be a better board. I would also go for pc3200 or pc3500 memory. (2 sticks of 256 meg for dual mode).
  4. I saw you recommended a LiteOn DVD burner. I always run LiteOn CD burners & ROMs & love them.

    I'm interested in LiteOn DVD burners. Are you running one? I am mostly concerned with running DVD X Copy & Nero 6.0 on it. I'm still researching both software's. I know the Sony runs with X Copy, but can't find if LiteOn does. As for Nero 6.0, it's new & I'm finding it harder to research. Any info would be appreciated.

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  5. Yep,what RC says.The 11th commandment--thou shalt always use lite on

    The man of steel said that
  6. Isn't that a dvd drive? To play dvd movies.
  7. LiteOn makes both CD & DVD burners. I've always used the CD burners & ROMs. I saw a LiteOn DVD Burner at newegg for $104 & I'm researching it for a client. He wants the Sony! I'm thinking the LiteOn might be as good for less $$$. I thought from your post you had a LiteOn DVD burner, my mistake.

    Dazzle them with Brilliance, or Baffle them with BS! :wink:
  8. No probelmo.
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