Blacksite Area 51 not working on my pc

Ok this is a very enoying problem i have. I just whent to gamestop for a good game and bought Blacksite Area 51 for PC. I just installed twice because the first time, when i ran it, i tried to up the graphics settings but the anti-alising is not working at all it doesnt respond and then the mouse stops working, like it dissapears and then i used the keyboard to navigate, started the storymode , when i started my mouse kept acting up. It sends me to top view and keeps me rolling around like in modern warfare 2 when you get that "mouse retarded movement". So i installed again and nothing. still the same problem,Another one is that when i go in the options and load a saved game it takes me to a blank screen showing absolutely nithing, Im sooooo mad. it crashes. Im very mad because Midway did a great job with Area 51(the first one) and now i install the newes and it sucks, no response at all. Please help me out with this , i want to play without problems. thanks!!!!!!
Note i uploaded a video on the issue. On YOUTUBE. there you can see how it happens. thanks!!!!!

These are my specs: WINDOWS VISTA X64
Intel Core 2 Duo E8600
Nvidia GTX 260
4GB Ram
500gb hdd
160gb hdd

the video is: Blacksite Area 51 Glitch on pc.

Here is the link:
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  1. Check to see if you need hardware updates either from the device manger or fro Windows Update. You can also try a few different older drivers.... video drivers..... you also may need to install DX9c...... is it on the disc or do you have a any game disc with it on it ?
  2. no the disk comes with the update for DX9. but you know I whent online to look for anwers and happened to find that im not the only gamer with that problem, its a s>>T load of other people that bought it and it whent crazy on their systems. Gosh i hate Midway for what they do, such a good game to look that bad on pc's, sometimes i wish that game developers would put a little more effort in to pc games. all they care about is consoles and their cheap graphics. for Consoles the game runs smooth(so ive heard) but i dont own a console. I'm a strictly pc gamer. but its sad cuz i played the first area 51 and loved it , now i want to play the new one, from 2007 and its crapy. Now im trying to apply the updates 1.1 and 1.2, lets see if it works
  3. Try emailing their customer support, maybe there is a fix that they figured out. Sorry bout losing the money you paid for the game..
  4. WAIT I FIXED IT , I APPLIED THE TWO PATCHES AND DISCONECTED MY LOGITECH COONTROLER AND WHAALA ITS BACK . THE GAME IS ALRITE, NEVER EVEN CLOSE TO CRYISIS THOUGH, AND IS laggy but its ok for $10 i payed at gamestop. but i got it running again. thanks for the support !!!!!
  5. does anyone have the email for support for blacksite
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