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I am taking my old laptop mobo and putting it in the 360s chassis and im going to put in 2 hdds 1 that will boot windows vista and 1 that I want to boot the xbox 1 OS. Is there any way to boot the xbox 1 OS with a laptop mobo? also if there is can someone point me to a link that has the OS so i can download

sry if this was a stupid question but i figured that because the xbox 1 was basically a pc I thought hey why not ask it thanks for all the help
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  1. I have heard about people actually running windows on an xbox 360. but it was very unstable obviously and im not sure on the specifics. I also know that since the PS3 has actualy quality parts/hardware, it runs windows very nicely. sorry i couldnt help on exactly what you were talking about... maybe if you could make an exact copy of the 360s HDD? but then there will be a driver issue...
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