Selling XFX hd5870!

Selling Used Hd5870 fully working, 8 months of casual play of league of legends
What i ask for ? 150$ + shipping
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  1. bump this card can play almost every game at ultra!
  2. can you provide a link to the card, what make and model?
  3. HD 5870 850M 1GB DDR5 DP HDMI DUAL DVI PCI-E (Edit)
    Product Code: HD-587X-ZNFV
  4. does it come with the original box and accessories? cfx cable, etc...

    If it has those components then

    I will make an offer, 110 w shipping

    with just the card itself then 100 w shipping...

    just throwin that out there
  5. I'm sorry i wont sell that card at 100$
  6. Hi :) Are you the original owner of the card and would it be eligible for transfer of the XFX Double Lifetime Warranty?

  7. yes i am the original owner and yes im willing to transfer the lifetime warranty
  8. sorry it is sold!
  9. good
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