Hi can any one help me? I have recently built a pc for my mother oops, big mistake!
It was running fine for about a week, but now just keeps going to Blue Screen at boot up, saying: “a problem has been detected and Windows has been Shut Down to Prevent Damage to your computer”….: “PFN_LIST_CORRUPT”!!
(***STOP: 0x0000008f, 0x00003B1E, 0x00003B5E, 0x00000000)

Now the last thing she said she did was to change the DeskTop Wallpaper! And now when you boot up the PC, it says the last time you started your pc windows didn’t load or some thing, do you want to load in safe mode? YES…So it starts to load in windows then the Blue Screen appears for a split second saying PFN_LIST_CORRUPT! And then ReBoots and crashes and just stays in a loop of start up and shut down.
So I thought I would reformat the hard drive, because I thought Windows might be Corrupt! And the same thing happens after I get to the point where you choose if you want to Repair or install a fresh windows,,, Blue Screen. On the rare time when windows does boot up, every thing is fine until I shut down and restart the pc the same thing again..CRASH AND LOOP!

Can any one tell me what: “PFN_LIST_CORRUPT”!!
(***STOP: 0x0000008f, 0x00003B1E, 0x00003B5E, 0x00000000) means??
And also how do you turn off Windows start up shut down loop??

AMD2200xp, IBM40GIG, ASROCK MBoard (cheep one) and 256DDR
THANKS for your time..
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  1. Look here.

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  2. Sounds like a bad stick of RAM, perhaps. I encountered this error once before and once I swapped the RAM out, it was fine.

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  3. This behavior can occur because a driver or other problem damaged the input/output (I/O) driver structures.

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  4. Would a suitable solution be to just re-install windows to factory settings? or would this still perpetuate the problem? thanks!!
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