pc wont boot with floppy or cdrom installed

I have been putting together a pc capable of running rtcw and the like for when im at home from uni.

I have a duron 1.4 and a heatsink i bought recently. I also am using a pc chips mainboard that i have from when i built my first pc in 2001.

Sometimes i dont hear a beep when i turn it on, i have to play about clearing the cmos. At the moment all i have managed to get it to run is my gf3ti200 and a hdd. Im using it to post at the moment using a winxp installation from a previous pc (an even slower one hehe).

Whenever i plug in my floppy drive or cdrom drive, i dont hear the everything is ok beep, and nothing appears on the monitor.

The best idea ive had so far is to flash the bios, though in order to do so i need to be in pure dos mode. The only way i know of booting into that is to use a boot floppy disk - but i cant use my floppy drive as nothing appears on the monitor whenever i plug the floppy drive in.

Anybody got any ideas of how i can boot into pure dos mode? Ive tried flashing the bios using cmd in windows but it said it could not access the bios chip.


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  1. possibly the floppy cable is reversed , does the light stay on for the floppy all the time , if so , it is .
  2. After the cabling suggestion...
    Be careful about a floppy setting in the bios.
    You may have a legacy setting as default or setup accidentally.

    There is a legacy mode that might make it impossible to working with your diskette drive.

    Sorry no time to look it up.

    The loving are the daring!
  3. Is it the board with the sis 735 chipset? That board was a real power gobbler. You may need a better psu. It also had problems recognizing cd drives. For that type of drive, you had to manually enter them in bios before physically installing them.
  4. I was thinking it sounds like PSU too.

    On another note, to get into DOS, hold down F8 after the POST sequence and windows should pop up with a menu with options for 'Normal mode', 'safe mode', etc.. Pick 'Command Prompt Only' and you'll be in DOS. Or just pick 'Restart in MS-DOS mode' from the Shutdown menu should be about the same.

    In all honesty, I doubt the BIOS is your problem anyway. What power AND brand is the power supply you're using?

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  5. Randy: The light did not come on at all.
    Flinx: Ill have a look around the bios for that.
    endyen: Some prog ive download that monitors my harware says the mobo is using the sis730 chip set.

    ChipDeath: Cheers mate, for years ive been messing about with floppy disks just to get into dos :)

    Im not sure if its the psu at fault, as back in 2001 i used this psu and all the other components, the only thing thats changed is the cpu and the heat sink. The psu is 300watt, and proberly not a great one though as it came with the case which costed me under £20 in 2001.

    I have had some sucsess recently. The pc now boots with cdrom though still having same problem with the floppy disk. When floppy is attached = pc doesnt boot.

    I manged this by taking out the cmos battery over night, then sticking it back in the next day. My mate told me somthing about eprom being forced to remap or somthing.

    Though it only boots some times, usualy to turn on my pc i have to:
    Turn on my psu
    turn my pc on via case switch
    then nothing will happen - just like when theres a floppy drive plugged in.
    Then i turn off my psu (as it wont turn off via case switch)
    then i turn back on my psu
    then turn on the pc via the case switch

    Usually following those steps boots my pc :s

    Another problem ive got is heat, when ive got my side pannel on the pc reboots after a min or to. I think thats only because the case is pretty small without a case fan, when i leave my side pannel off it runs ok.

    ps:Somthing ive noticed when i clear the cmos, after the memory post it says:

    cmos battery low
    cmos battery changed or unpluged

  6. ah, a fellow englishman!

    I reckon it's definitely worth sticking a new power supply in there, it sounds a lot like it's struggling to cope. Do you have much spare cash? A good reliable Make like Enermax would be good, but a duron on an old motherboard shouldn't need much.. I've used Q-tec PSUs before (cos they're cheap :smile: )and not had problems.. I'd suggest <A HREF="http://www.komplett.co.uk/k/ki.asp?action=info&sku=112086&p=&t=&l=&AvdID=1&CatID=&GrpID=&cks=SER" target="_new">this one</A> That's from komplett.co.uk, which is a fairly good site IMO.

    You'll see plenty of recommendations for Fortron power supplies, but I can't seem to find the damn' things on any UK websites, and all the US sites seem to have no intention of acknowledging the rest of the world's existence.

    For the heat problems, I'd suggest just sticking a fan in the back of the case blowing out - that should do wonders for your airflow.

    I suspect the CMOS message is just because it knows it's lost all the settings, so assumes it's because the battery's dead (whereas it's actually because you've removed it of course...)

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