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hey guys i recently bought team fortress 2 and i have been having some low fps issues. i read around the forums and i can seem to fix this. i dont think my pc is a problem, here are my specs:

hp m9450f
intel core 2 quad q9300 2.5ghz
8 gb ram nvidia 8800 gt 512 mb
vista x64

my fps goes as low as 10 fps. i have tried to reduce the resolution and the details but that doesnt help. i installed the older version of the gpu driver but still had the same issue. i have turned of AA and v sync. i have just formatted my pc and reinstalled tf2 twice but i still get the lags.

i also play css which is built on the source engine and i get an avg of 150 fps shouldnt tf2 also be around the same range.
any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Your pc is more than capable to play tf2. do you have any programs running in the background? those could be eating up system resources and slowing your game down.
  2. just the basic stuff like anti virus. i really cant understand why this is happening. do u think downloading the whole game again will help?
  3. what antivirus? and yea, definitely try reinstalling.
  4. have you tried playing on the lowest res and graphic detail settings? I'd say start from the lowest and work your way up. I have a hp pavilion elite m9077c, which is slighty less powerful than your setup and I'm able to run at 1280x800 res with mid-high settings. There might be a corrupt file that is slowing your performance and you might have to redownload and reinstall.
  5. i have bitdefender 2010. im gonna try the reinstall again and get back to ull
  6. alright, just checking because having norton running is like running 5 games at once lol
  7. ok so i re downloaded and reinstalled the game but it still lags. i put it on 800x600 and it still fell to under 20 fps and on 1280x1024 the same thing happens. when im inside a building where there are no other players i get around 80 to 100 but as i get into fights it falls to under 20
  8. Check your internet connection
  9. TF2 is a lot more demanding than CSS.

    but your system should definately be >60 fps with AA turned off at mid resolution.

    my first guess would be spyware, do you play with windows messenger in the background? sometimes that can cause insane performance issues.
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