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I have just upgraded to broadband (what a difference !!!) but after i installed my motorola modem (USB) i cannot get rid of the "safely remove hardware" icon in the bottom right of the taskbar . Ive tried many times to reboot etc but it wont disappear . Its safe to say that i will probably never remove it because of its importance . Is there a way of telling my PC that its a permanent fixture and i dont want to remove it . I have many other hardware devices connected via the USB ports and none of them give me this grief. Any ideas guys ??? Cheers , Steve , Plymouth UK
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  1. i also have that after i put in my wireless device (usb). it had the icon on the bottom, but since it has gone away. i hid it by going to CONTROL PANEL- then click TASKBAR AND START MENU (under classic view)- under NOTIFICATION AREA make sure u have the "HIDE INACTIVE ICONS" checked-click CUSTOMIZE-find "SAFELY REMOVE HARDWARE" and click on it-on the scroll down box next to it, drop down and find "ALWAYS HIDE". it should eventually go away as long as u dont constantly unplug and plug back in the device.
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