My Mods and Video's

Hi guys!

Not sure if this is the right thread or not but Toms doesn't seem to have one for this.

Heres a link to my You Tube channel where you can watch some Vids and download Mods.

Just encase anyone might want them,.

Mostly all Crysis but a few UT2k4 maps also.

Just thought I'd let you know.

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  1. Well it has to do with PC games so yea it belongs here lol thanks
  2. OK, Thank you!
  3. Quote:
    Can anyone tell me of a video editing programme that allow's you to put two video's playing - Side by side - at once? And please a decent one, I've already found one but it wouldn't allow me to do cover the whole screen, Without one overlapping the other.

    Sound Effects

    Adobe premiere,Adobe After Effects, or MAGIX. is all I know of.
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