$170 + Shipping New Computer

I was building this computer to deliver an enjoyable 720P gaming experience on a budget,
while not sacrificing reliability (Not using HGST HDDs, and DiabloTek PSUs. lol).
I decided to see if anyone was interested in the PC before I sunk another $100 into a 7750 for it.

All the parts are brand new and assembled, and was only used for testing purposes.

Total: $343 or so. If you are guaranteed interested, but would prefer a Video Card (7750/6850/similar)
and a disc drive, let me know. The PC will ship with Windows 8 Developer Preview installed.

Feel free to make an offer.
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  1. What psu?
  2. gammerx said:
    What psu?

    Antec 380W 80+ Bronze:

    Would easily be able to handle a video card like the 6850. :)
  3. At this time I'm not interested in parting out.
    With an MSRP (and all parts being new) of $343, I'm willing to take $225 + Shipping Costs.

    I can purchase and install a 7750 for a total of $325 + Shipping.
  4. pmed again :P
  5. Bump. Willing to take $170 + Shipping
  6. Does that include the 6850?
  7. Benthon said:
    Does that include the 6850?

    A 6850 and all these parts for $170?

    No, the parts listed above with links are what is included.
    Motherboard, Case, PSU, Hard Drive, and CPU.
  8. I can throw in a 6850 installed for $260 + Shipping.
    $170 + Shipping for current build is still available.
  9. Bumping again.
  10. Can you sell without Case? ill buy i already have case and i dont need it an it will just add on to shpping you know 120$ do it
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