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I'm looking for a good game, probably a first person shooter, to keep me busy until BC2 comes out. any ideas are welcome.
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  1. What games have you got at the moment, so we know what not to recommend? Also, which ones did you like/not like - again should help people recommend.
  2. right now i have: Eve online =, half life 2 ep 1 and 2 and i still play occassionaly, UT 2k4, shadowrun, portal.. and i think thats it, i havent really installed many games.
  3. Batman Arkham Asylum I absolutely loved and thoroughly recommend. Not a FPS, but seriously brilliant.

    Bioshock - will lose every spare second you can spare it for the time it takes you to complete it. Amazingly looking and captivating story.

    UT3 - great for pick up, blast for half hour, put down times.

    COD4:MW - Looks good, and I personally loved the storyline. My step-kids live for the on-line play.

    COD:MW2 - Same as above, but a little better in every respect (single player at least).

    Race Driver Grid - if you fancy a good driving game I haven't found better.

    Burnout Paradise - if you fancy a fun driving game I haven't found better.

    Left 4 Dead - seriously fun, although most reviews say L4D2 is better and should be the one to buy, but haven't got that so cannot confirm.

    Crysis - if your PC is up to playing it, I personally like it. Know some people didn't like the storyline though, but I do. Currently playing through it single player again.

    Anway, just a few ideas to get you started from my limited experience.
  4. no batman, i have played bioshock and it was good. i bought UT3 but lost the cd key haha i hate CoD lol i played and beat burnout paradise. left 4 dead was good, maybe L4D2 if i find it a good price. and crysis was fun, almost beat it but lost it among other games when my comp crashed.
  5. JDV you need to get on man
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