$1000AUD gaming pc

Hey guys, long time no post. i was looking into buying a fairly good gaming pc(purely gaming) for 10 hundy sticks.(1000 g's)

i own a ps3 and 360 so it wont be my only gaming system, but i would still like a fairly decent gaming pc.

i looked into building myself a while back, and do NOT want the headache again.

if you could please find a built computer and link the site (MUST EITHER BE AUSTRALIAN OR POST TO AUSTRALIA) within 1000 bucks that'd be great.

thanks guys. :)
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  1. And what is your monitor resolution?
  2. dont know. i have a small 50cm tv that doubles as a monitor. not HD though.
  3. If it's a widescreen tv it's probably running 1280x720 which is an HD resolution but not "full HD" 1920x1080. For it is definately not HD then it could be running 848x480.
    Either way if it's not full HD then it won't take a very powerful PC to drive it, say an Athlon II X2 550 CPU with a Radeon 5770 or even possibly a 5670.
    If you can provide the make and model of the TV or confirm the resolution we can be more specific.
  4. Base 48cm TLI30A-TP LCD. thats as much as i got. hope it helps....i was thinking of this computer:http://www.centrecom.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=81_128&products_id=41383

    is that bad? good?
  5. This one?
    Product: Base TLI93OA-TP LCD TV
    Valid Until: 14th May 2008
    Features: 700:1 Contrast ratio, 16ms response time, 1440x 900 pixel resolution, 300 candle watts / m2.
    Size: 48 CM
    Price: $329
    Where To Buy: Target
    Previous Price: $359 03/01/08

    1440x900 is a fairly low gaming resolution these days.
  6. That system includes a monitor but would be a fairly low end gaming rig.
    You should aim for a triple or quad core cpu and an ATI 5750 (or 4850 1Gb) or Nvidia GTS 250 as a starting point for that resolution.
  7. yeah thats it...thanks for the help.....could you suggest a website or computer?
  8. I'm in NZ so can't help you there sorry.

    The systems on site you linked have old or low end CPU's with entry level graphics although they do offer custom quotes.
    I'd see if they can do something like.

    ATI 785 chipset motherboard
    4Gb RAM
    AMD Athlon II X4 Processor 635 2.9GHz (Phenom II X2 550 Black Edition also a good option)
    ATI 5750 graphics (4850 would do but does not support dx11)
    Windows 7 home premium
    hdd + odd

    Post what they come back with and we can refine from there to meet your budget.
  9. thanks heaps buddy
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