FS 2x sli EVGA GTX 570...6 months old

EVGA GTX 570 SC....$190 per card or $360 for the pair.

6 months old, barely used.
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  1. send newegg link model?
  2. I will offer you 310 w ship for the pair
  3. 320^ :3
  4. I have sent you both PM's
  5. Have not had a reply from either interested party. Both cards are still for sale at the aforementioned price.
  6. 325 shipped for the pair... were you running these on a p67?
  7. Please refer again to your PM inbox
  8. Cards still for sale. Price will be reduced to $190 per card or $360 for the set.
  9. Just wondering, does it come with any kind of warranty?
  10. It has 2 years and some months of original EVGA factory warranty. Any issues within 2+ years with the cards and EVGA will repair/replace them free of charge, so long as all serial numbers are in place and the card has not been altered mechanically or aesthetically. The cards I am selling are bone stock,
  11. Hey all, just wanted to let you know I'm meeting someone tonight locally (from craigslist) to sell the cards.

    I'll update you if they indeed sell
  12. Still got?
  13. The cards have been sold for my asking price. Thanks for the interest everyone
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