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in my computer gaes like 2007 cricket are not working now. i hv played it on my computer many a times but now it's not working. what would have been the problem?
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  1. do you mean to say that after you upgraded to a dx11 card your ckt2007 ain't workin??your questin is quite confusing and you need to be more clear!!!
  2. have you updated your drivers?
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    Please post your full system specs including your PSU brand, wattage and +12v amperage.
    Also include any overclocks you have, what operating system you use and what GPU you have replaced.

    Perhaps you could give more information on your issue?
    Is the issue just with Cricket '07 or are all 3d games effected?
    What exactly does your system do, does it load the game and have issues, not load the game at all or something else?

    When you changed GPU's did you remember to uninstall your previous GPU drivers?
    Did you check to make sure the PCIe power connectors are properly installed?
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