Modern Warfare 2 Lagg on 260

I am lagging in Modern Warfare 2 usually when im outside on a map. It ran perfectly for about one week then it started to lag. My computer is not a month old. Ive tried reinstalling my driver and it runs fine until i restart my computer. The only driver i have updated is my video card driver.

Windows 7 64 Bit
4 GB Ram
GTX 260 - 195.62 driver
Intel Core 2 Duo E84000
500 GB Hard Drive
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  1. any help????
  2. How about you PSU? Do you know the brand name and how many watts and amps it pumps? I've got the HD4870, which is sort of the equivalent of your card, and I'm running it flawlessly.
  3. Could it be high ping? I get that sometimes after playing for 15 minutes, the ping goes to the mid 200's and I have to log out and log back in. That's MW1 though.
  4. its not high ping because my fps drops low and internet is fine. happens in every map now
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