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I bought a ASUS A7N8X DELUXE motherboard from my local dealer. And I wanted to buy S-ATA, since this is the newest technology. When I start my computer, everything seems to be fine, the motherboard detects my Maxtor S-ATA harddrive. But when I am going to install WinXP, the Microsoft XP software can't fint any harddrive. There seems like the software do not manage to detect that my harddrive is there.

Any ideas of what the problem might be? An outdated software from Microsoft(I do install with an old Microsoft winXP cd).

Please help me.

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  1. your mobo will have a book that specs out the motherboard and one that should spec out the serial ata, there will also be a cd that comes with the mobo Drivers,updates etc..

    the serial ata book or the mobo book will tell you where that you need to install certain files found on the cd to a floppy and then when installing win xp it will ask you if you have any other drivers you need to install to press f6 when you do that you insert the disk in a drive and hit the s key i believe it will search the disk and show you the list of drivers and ask you to select and hit enter once that is done xp will incorporate the drivers with the installation once xp is done then install the cd drivers again to make sure they work properly.

    Sorry if its hard to understand or too long I have 2 wd 40gig on raid setup and then another pc with to wd raptor serial ata raid setup up and have install disc's for both of them. Icq number is 847126 or msn is icedout if you need better assistance.

  2. Yes, you really should try reading the screen as XP settup goes through startup, it actually SAYS "Press F6 to install any third party drive controllers" or something to that effect.

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  3. i recently installed xp on a sata controler. do as the other guy said, it does work. cs game server -
  4. Thank you.
  5. I have the same board and i had the same problem. and the mentioned solution is the one u have to do.

    My problem was that i did not get any SATA driver Floppy with my mobo. So i had no clue as to what others were talking about when they mentioned i had to insert the driver disk into the floppy drive and go on with the "Press the F6 button..." routine.

    Then, i browsed thru Silicon Image website and I downloaded the necessary drivers. After that, installing XP was as easy as installing on a IDE drive. u cud download the SATA driver from the following link.

    <A HREF="" target="_new"> Go here </A>
    At the bottom of the page you'll find <A HREF="" target="_new"> THIS LINK </A>. At this page, u'll find the drivers on the right. Download them, if u dont already have them and get going.

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