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Hi iam thinking of getting a PS3 for when GT5 comes out,but i want to hook it up to my pc monitor,as my monitor has no speakers and my speakers are pluged into my pc is there anyway that my speakers can be shared between the pc and the PS3 without unplugging the speaker cable everytime,also can you use a jack plug with a PS3 or is it just a optical lead?
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  1. What I did was use and hdmi cable for my video to my monitor, you may be able to use an hdmi to dvi if you don't have hdmi input. For sound, you can specify to your ps3 to use the av outputs for that.

    An adapter like this should do the trick to plug your pc speakers in.

    However to connect to both pc and ps3 at once, not sure. Maybe if you have a cable like this from your pc

    Into this

    And instead of grabbing the first cable for the ps3 grab this....

    Finally maybe one of these

    and plug that on the male end of this adapter suggested

    Then your pc speakers into the other end of your coupler.

    I don't know if this will work, but theoretically it should. I have my ps3 hooked to pc speakers using a cable similar to the first one I showed you, the ends on the one I had were male ends(got the cable cheap), so I had to use couplers to convert all the ends to female ends, but it works and sounds ok.
  2. only downside is.... GT5 is delayed AGAIN :(

    it was originally suposed to be a launch title for the PS3
  3. Thank you very much for those links ohiou_grad_06 i think i should be able to get it to work useing some of those cables,thanks for taking the time to put those links up there,and yes i read on the internet that Sony have put GT5 back indefinitely,apparently because of the damage they have on the cars now there are loads of bugs in the game,so we probably will not see it until summer.
  4. Btw i would give you best answer but i dont know how to lol
  5. It's all good. Btw, still get the PS3, Assasin's Creed is pretty good if you ask me. I was a pc gamer, still have pc games I'll probably always like, but got fed up with the fact you couldn't trade the games in, no ncaa football or even madden, so yeah, finally had enough and went for the console. Oh well. But for what it is, if you play in hi def it's pretty good in my opinion. Also, if you get one, may look at, they sell 3 year warranties I think for a lot of things, I believe they guarantee to either fix your product or pay for it within 5 days. So if you buy the warranty on say a ps3, they may just send you a check for the purchase price. I'm intending to do that for my ps3 in case I have any problems.

    I do recommend though you keep it or xbox off the carpet, I've got a wire rack my ps3 is now on, had it on carpet a little before, and it gets pretty warm underneath quickly, so let it breathe.

    But no problem on the sound, I got mine, couldn't afford a hi def tv but had the monitor and pc speakers, so the computer tech in me wanted to hack something together, lol.
  6. I have had a PS3 before but did not play it much as iam set in my ways as a pc gamer lol,but i really want to try GT5 hi def with my G25 Racing Wheel and see if it lives up to thr reputation as one of the best racing sims there is,thats if and when it ever comes out,i think the PS4 may be out before GT5 lol,and thanks for the above info.
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