Is it faster to download from here or from torrents?
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  1. torrents are illegal... don't torrent support the developers buy buying there game.
    btw downloading games from steam is very fast for me like 350 Kb/s
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    Torrents are only illegal if the download is pirated. Plenty of legitemate software is distributed using torrent but yes in general torrents are used for illegal file sharing.
    As for the OP's the question I find steam to be very fast also, torrent speed would depend on who is seeding a particular file and how fast their connections are.
  3. On Steam I typically get 1Mb and faster connections!

    Torrents are soso for open source software, I personally like the repository system better.

    I agree, talk of pirating should be automatic ban.
  4. Whoa! Not a good post, dude. Steam is better because it's legal.
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