Touch Screen MP5 Player

http://www.***/UGGU-U-810-4GB-4-3--720P-High-Definition-Touch-Screen-MP5-Player-White--s742456.html 4GB 4.3" 720P High Definition Touch Screen MP5 Player(White)
SKU :742456
Price : $41.50

Brand UGGU
Model U-810
Material TFT
Display Size 5.0"
Touch Screen YES
Resolution 480 x 272

To know more about,pleae visit this site: http://www.***/UGGU-U-810-4GB-4-3--720P-High-Definition-Touch-Screen-MP5-Player-White--s742456.html
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  1. More dubious Chinese rubbish copies of branded products with dead URL links?

    How do these appear without a Report button?

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