Where can I find a Motherboard Buyers Guide?

In the Graphic Card Forum, I have seen the Tom's Hardware Graphic Card Buyers Guide. I find it excellent. It is located at: http://forumz.tomshardware.com/hardware/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&p=363095#363095

Is there an equivalent Tom's Hardware Motherboard Buyers Guide that can be found somewhere?
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  1. im not sure, but then again graphic cards can work by themselves but motherboards are not "stand alone" in the sense that its selection depends on wat processor u're looking at, the RAM, and the chipset which goes well with ur selection. thus its hardly possible to offer a 'guide'

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  2. Lets us know what Cpu and what you are using it for? Than we'll help you with Mobo.
  3. Sorry, I realize my question is much too imprecise. I will place another post where I will try to be less vague.
  4. I would gather that the answer is that there are no guides of note that those that have responded know of.

    I don't know of any. I would agree that the variables are a bit more complex for mobos then video cards and that may be a reason why there are few if any of note out there.
  5. I was leaning a little more towards the "basing a system around a motherboard" instead of basing the parts around the cpu like you are. After I read up on alot of computer ish it seems that any halfway new processor these days isn't going to make or break the system so long as it isn't a 300Mhz generic brand. If you need help just give as much info. as you can about what you would like to do with the computer and the budget. After that you will get alot of oppinions. What I got asking this same question a couple weeks ago was the abit IS7 and the asus p4p800 regular or delux models. You might be using the computer for something different than I was however. I would recommend checking out tom's mobo reviews, he must know something about computers if he started this site and growing to be as big as it is now. good luck.
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