MSI Twin Frozr 6870

As the topic says, 45 day old 6870 twin frozr. Never overclocked, just undervolted in a Xfire setup to keep cool.

Card works perfectly, and has zero issues, still have several years worth of warranty left. Paypal only, and price includes UPS ground shipping with tracking as I know it'll be cheap; cont USA only. $140 shipped, Or best offer Located in Tucson, Arizona


or give me a call/text, five2zero-461-twoseventwo3

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  1. I would do $140 if it could be shipped to Aus :(
  2. I'll get a price quote on shipping for you today. Where in aus are ya?
  3. Sent you a text.
  4. Newcastle, New South Wales. I wonder how much the shipping is :P

    EDIT: Seems worth the money, thanks to the warranty. So I'm happy to pay, up to a point of course (re. expensive shipping).
  5. Sorry mate, GPU is sold. Shipping out today.
  6. It's all good; managed to find a HIS HD 6870 1 GB for $130 AUD, including shipping, as it's local :) Thanks for looking into it for me though!

    - HateDread.
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