GTS 250 + Windows 7 64bit OS For Sale! Cheap!

Hey guys, I recently put together a new build and have a ton of extra parts lying around now. Here is a list:

Case: Voyager BLUE LED Case SOLD

Memory: 2x2gb ADATA Gaming Series 1333mhz Memory; 1x2gb OCZ 1333mhz Memory SOLD

Mobo: M4A785TD-M EVO

CPU: Phenom II x4 945 (Never overclocked runs nicely) With Heatsink;

Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium; Original Packaging $45 Shipped

GPU: PNY GTS 250; Comes with all original packaging and needed materials $35 Shipped

Monitor: 22" Viewsonic Widescreen LCD/HDTV

Prices are very negotiable, throw me a pm and we will work something out. Im shipping from NJ.

Prices also will be cheaper if you buy more than 1 item!
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  1. Also, any questions, you can also post here!
  2. Question: where are the prices?

    its required.
  3. you got it
  5. Is the OS OEM or Full Retail version - and if OEM has it already been registered to the MOBO so Unuseable on a new system - and is it 32 bit or 64 bit ?
  6. The OS Is Technically OEM, but It works on a new motherboard, Ive used it on 3 different ones.Thats why im selling so cheap. After you install the OS you give them a quick call and tell them you have a new system you want to use the OS on, and they have no problem activating it for you.

    PS. My bad, its 64bit of course
  7. Few things dropped in price! Come on people pm me ill negotiate:)
  8. Will sell cheaper if you buy more than 1 item together as well!
  9. do you think that the mobo+cpu combo is comparable to a core 2 duo e8400? i mean will be a decent (little bit old) gaming setup? thanks
  10. My Cpu+mobo would be a much better fit in a gaming system, along with the ability to overclock very easily, it would be a much better setup!.

    Also, STILL SELLING! Will take any offers just PM me.
  11. Offered to buy the cpu , but you never responded to last pm
  12. Will check now! Still selling guys Post/Pm with offers!
  13. pm about cpu thanks
  14. Sent you back PM..

  15. Hey guys sold almost all the parts, GPU and OS is left! Pm me for great prices!!!
  16. BUMP Still selling!
  18. PM'd
  19. Replied!
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