Powerful Gaming Computer For Sale!!!

This is a posting for a gaming computer I have owned for 9 months, built it myself at the end of last summer (i'm a computer engineer and have built many computers int the past, I knew what I was doing!). I realized that I don't have times for video games any more. But this computer will run every game on the market at max settings as well as run any other processing intensive jobs such as 3D rendering with ease.

-intel core i7 990x extreme edition
-EVGA gtx590 graphics card (bought it with the water block on it)
-EVGA x58 ftw3 motherboard
-12gb of corsair gaming ram at 1333 megahertz
-level 10 GT case
-120gb agility solid state hard drive (400mb up/down speeds [extremely fast])
-amtech 1200watt power supply
-liquid cooled cpu and gpu. never gets above room temp inside
-razer blackwidow ultimate keyboard
-rat 9 wireless gaming mouse

-1.5 bottles of liquid coolant(fluid XP, the expensive kind)
-1TB hard drive
-I will re-install a copy of windows and re-partition the hard drive so when you get the computer it runs the exact same as if you bought it brand new

purchased all parts from for over $4000 less than a year ago

any questions feel free to text/call at 707-228-5326 or email me!
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  1. Need a price good sir. Great setup, but forum rules are forum rules.

    Also, obligatory "Are you willing to part it out?"
  2. I'm asking $1800 for all of it! And no I'm not willing to part it sorry!
  3. bump!
  4. no way you will get 18 hundred for that, people around here are very aware of the market value of something
  5. I bet he could sell it for 1800... The 990x + gtx590 alone are pretty dang expensive, even used.
  6. With the mouse and keyboard $1800 is pretty fair. It cost me 4 grand less than a year ago without mouse and keyboard which were an extra 400.
  7. Extra $400? Where the hell did you buy the keyboard and mouse? there is no way those two items cost you $400.
  8. *300, dont know why i said 4.
  9. I have 2 thing I need to say

    1) I want your rig. However I seem to be short $1500...

    2) $1800 is a plenty fair price for all that, ignore otherwise.
  10. I appreciate the comment. Only problem is it's tough to sell, not many people need this much power!
  11. Sell it to Star Trek! HA!!!
  12. That's the problem mate. Its not that its a bad machine, its actually badass, but you'll probably have more luck parting it out than trying to sell it all together
  13. I'm curious as to the color of the GT case?
  14. yeah it may be "fair" in your book im just saying that it will not sell for that price, good luck!

    the fact that you paid 4 grand however long ago means nothing, people looking for 990X level of performance are likely dropping money on an SB-E or IB chip..

    you probably be much better off parting it off being that the cpu and gpu alone will bring good money...

    however, 1800 for the package i def do not see it, maybe 1200 at best

    the bottom line is that people on here know their stuff and will not overpay and therefore there are slim margins for profit.
  15. $1200? I'm curious as to how you got that low. That's kind of ridiculous. His price is fine.
  16. have fun, its a nice machine ill leave it at that
  17. just gettin bashed right now! haha. I've gotten multiple offers for well over 1200 already. I need the money for college next year so its very hard for me to negotiate. and i don't have time to part it all out.
  18. the case is the black one. the white one wasnt out when i built it.
  19. morning bump!
  20. delaro said:

    thank you! i will try those
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