So is Mass Effect Play Style similar to Dragon Age Origins?

I recently purchased Dragon Age origins and am really struggling getting into it and the play style I would rather control and master my one character then have to pause and set commands for the various of members of the party. The question I have is Mass Effect similar to Dragon Age in that sense or do I control just my main person. Do the coversations have multiple choice answers I can give that may impact the story?

Thanks for any input as If it is too similar in play style and structure I feel like I may be disappointed by it and Mass Effect 2.
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    Well I've played both games and I can say that there are similarities between Mass Effect (1, I haven't played 2 yet). There's pausable combat, character building, group managment, a darn fine story line and normaly a lot of choices in what your character can say. I can say that yes, Mass Effect is similar to Dragon Age in party managment. However, I think that Mass Effect is slightly more focused on the efforts of Commander Sheppard, and less on the group as a whole.

    I do not recall having much need in Mass Effect of my party members, or their contrabution was so little it was under my notice. Yes the conversations still have the choices/ consequences that I enjoy.

    I hope this helps you.
  2. I have both games but I've been holding off on starting Mass Effect until I finish Dragon Age. I've played only about 2 mins of Mass Effect, basically just to make sure it was installed, options set, running ok, etc before my son started playing. From the little I've seen him play it does seem to be more first person (actually 3rd person but you should get what I mean). I love the play style of Dragon Age but I'm also a huge fan of first person RPGs like Oblivion and Fall Out 3 so I'd be really interested in seeing Mass Effect having similar RPG qualities but more focused on controlling a single main character. I'd be interested as well in hearing from anybody else on the topic. If not I'll try to remember to reply again once I get some Mass Effect game time under my belt (hopefully this weekend).
  3. I actually just finished Mass Effect. The combat plays out slighty different from DA. Firstly, you are always in control of Shepard. You don't switch back and forth between characters to control their actions. Second, you can pause the action and micromange your team by clicking their action. You can tell them to move to a location, attack an enemy, or you can activate one of their abilities. If you don't do anything, the AI will take control and use their abilities accordingly.
    The one thing I didn't like is that your teammates AI does not take cover when they're under fire. Hope that helps with your decision. Post any other questions you have and I'll answer as best as I can.
  4. So would you say Mass Effect is more fast paced in general then Dragon Age?
  5. Mass Effect is definitely more fast paced. In DA, you can technically just click attack and sit back and watch your character swing his weapon until he kills his target. In Mass Effect, you can control every action of Commander Shepard. You can sort of think of it as Gears of War type gameplay, without the excessive gore.
  6. How long is Mass Effect 1 to play through? Enough time to get it done before 2 hits store shelves?
  7. It could definitely be done. I wanted to finish it before 2 came out, so I just focused mainly on the main storyline. Couldn't really tell you how long it took because I stopped playing for a couple months. But the main story is very good and I would recommend playing through it since your saves can be carried over and your decisions in the 1st game can affect things that happen in 2, such as who is alive and such.
  8. Thanks I think I will give Mass Effect 1 a shot and if I like it go for 2.
  9. Well just wanted to update I didnt get part one however did get part 2 and so far I really like it about 10 hours in. As long as it continues well I will likely get one and play it through and maybe continue my character from there in 2 again.
  10. ME 1 and I think 2 is faster, being a shooter rather than a sword thing, you get more fps like action rather than a standard RPG action

    you can pause and do complex maneuvers (making ur team mate do a "force move" thing to disable shield and then shoot it with a shot gun), but if you can compensate for the really swaying aim reticules (at the lower levels, at the higher levels there is NO sway, its like instagib rifles lol) then all RPG be damned and you can simply blow your way though

    now in ME 1, there isn't a big locational damage thing, so if you can hit a head or the leg, it does the damage it says it's doing (plus or minus very little for the head), and crits are more about your skills or what nots rather than say a head shot like in borderlands.

    but apparently in ME 2 locational damage is more profound.
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