Hello, I am selling a lightly used Evga GTX 560 TI for 170 shipped. Please respond if you have questions/want to buy it.
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  1. Do you have any pics?
  2. Yeah. I'll get them up soon
  3. Send me an email, I'm not on here much.

    Would like exact model number and pictures.

  4. $170? are you crazy
  5. qzyxya said:
    $170? are you crazy

    No, hes not...brand new is 210$, so it makes sense.
  6. yeah I just sold my Asus dc2 gtx 560tis for 130 a pop, no way you will get 170 for a reference model.

    Besides that they are not worth the 210 that they are selling for imo
  7. guys, look at the date.. this cats been drumming up old threads.. prices then
    are deffo different that today.. you are price dickering for prices in the past for
    no reason.

  8. word, someone needs to kill this thread as its dead
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