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Hello, I've recently bought a PS3 Slim and currently have a Samsung 16:10 LCD for my computer so now I'm shopping for a 16:9 LCD for my PS3. My 16:10 LCD works great for my Xbox 360 as it supports the ratio. I've been testing a few LCDs 16:9 ratios with HDMI for my PS3 but I notice the downscale has bad quality. I've been doing research on this matter and I understand the 360 has a GPU that upscales games, giving them sharper quality while the PS3 GPU downscales, resulting in less sharper quality.

So, I don't want a $2000 TV that will handle the downscaling for a PS3 so I am looking for a decent 23"-24" LCD that can handle downscaling without losing quality. I've seen videos and screenshots of how the games on the PS3 should look like and compared them to my games, big difference. I've tried LG W2353v and LG w2361v. I am looking into Samsung LCD monitors. Any suggestions or tips would be great or anyone else getting the downscale quality issues with their LCD monitors? thank you
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  1. I've personally got a 22 inch hanns g monitor that i'm happy with, using it on my ps3 it can do 720p or 1080i, I'm happy with it so far.
  2. Btw also, I think you have to have a monitor that is hdcp compatible, my monitor has an hdmi input as well. Standard resolution is 1680x1050 on mine I believe, guessing that translates to 16:9?
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