How to reuse an expired demo

In windows Xp it was possible to just delete the application data pertaining to the application and reuse it.
My question is how do i reuse that same software in windows 7?
Do i need to regedit and delete the data files? or is there something simpler, help me out please, and by the way its not a demo of an 800$ program its a program that doesn't exist anymore and the only version i could find is a trial that only works for 30 days.
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  1. I know you said the program doesn't exist anymore, but does that mean it's no longer supported by the developer or does it mean you can no longer download it? If you can still download it, I'd say delete the program from your computer and make you delete any folders that were left over too. Then redownload and install again.
  2. the developer no longer supports it, its about 7 years old
  3. Maybe you could find a legit, non-demo copy on ebay?
  4. What is the software?
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