Why is this such a good deal?

The following ad is on craigslist and is for only 369$ Why is it so cheap?

"Brand New PC << Phenom II X6, 2.7ghz, 6Core, 500gigharddrive8gigsRam
Brand New PC << Phenom II X6, 2.7ghz, 6Core, 500gigharddrive8gigsRam

New PC>>PHENOM II X6, 2.7ghz 6 Core processor, 8gigs ram,500gighd
22x DVD/ CD Burner Player
AMD Radeon HD 4250 1 Gig VIDEO
custom built, 1 year warranty
Plays any new games, builds any program/ apps. dvd conversions fast!

Free Antivirus, plug and play! Great for Business/ Home/ gaming, 3d Ati Radeon graphics card built in.

Win 7 & Office preloaded, PLUG AND PLAY, INternet Ready!

HD movies and play all the lastest 3 D PC games!

Video Specs: Digital Resolution 2560x1600
AMD Radeon HD 4250

Thank you for the help.
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  1. It's not really cheap, but rather a fair price. The motherboard has onboard graphics, so I'm assuming that they PSU is just some no-name brand >500w PSU. You could build a decent system for around that price.
  2. Because the parts aren't worth more than $225. Windows and Office are probably pirated activated copies.
  3. The only thing potentially worth buying is the Phenom X6. That's about it really.
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