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I am planning to purchase a P4 2.4 ghz 800mhz FSB CPU. Right now I am trying to figure out which motherboard to run. I was thinking about running a MSI mother board but I don't know which one. Also what CPU fan do everybody recommend to run. Any suggestions and recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help.

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  1. i've got a 2.6c paired with an abit is7 and it is VERY stable... even with some minor oc'ing. with better cooling and memory, it could be taken quite a bit further.


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  2. The stock P4 cooler is good enough to get most 2.4C to 3Ghz. RAM can hold you back though.

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  3. you may want to get the 2.6c instead. Just a couple bucks price difference, 200 mhz clock difference.
  4. 2.6C is cheaper than 2.4C. Mobo IS7 best bang for the buck.
  5. Think about what features you want and which you won't use. Most popular mobo manufactureres are equaly reliable, take note of overclocking features if that interests you (Intel offers very poor overclockabilty if at all).
    The biggest difference between mobos that support the new C CPU line is their chipset. There's the 865p, 865pe and 875p. The 875 will give you a performance boost by supporting PAT, but mobo makers like Abit have enhanced the 865 chipset to support something like PAT (it's not called that but does mostly the same) so you can get the much cheaper 865 chipset and enjoy 875 performance. 875 also supports registered or ECC RAM (I don't remember which, but it shouldn't concern the average buyer).
    Common mobo features are 5.1 sound, firewire, SATA, SATA RAID, IDE RAID, 100mbit Etherenet, 1Gbit Etherenet, onboard VGA, smart overclocking techniques...

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  6. I too am interested in this cpu. Our local Micro Center has two great deals, both bundled with the 2.4 Celeron. Trouble is I can't find any reviews on the two mobos. The first is the Abit SG-71 / Celeron bundle for $120 and the second is the Shuttle AV49VN / Celeron bundle for $110. The Shuttle looks like the better deal, as it has 5 PCI slots and supports 4x and 8x AGP, but the Abit has built in SiS 651 graphics. In an article, on this web site, entitled Big Business: 18 P4 boards... from Aug. 25, 2003 the Shuttle AV49N was selected best budget mobo. Is the Shuttle AV49VN similar. Bottom line... anyone have any experience with any of the two boards I mentioned? Which would you select and why?
  7. New Egg Has IS7 $106 2.6C $174 plus free shipping.
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