Top of the line Gaming Computer!!!


purchased all parts from for over $4000 less than a year ago, im asking $1800

any questions feel free to text/call at 707-228-5326 or email me!
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  1. LOL "liquid cooled cpu and gpu. never gets above room temp inside." This is the wrong place to try and fool people as you know as well as I that it's impossible to get sub ambient temps on standard water-cooling.
  2. alright... i changed it. all good now? its a good liquid cooling system thats all i was trying to say...
  3. like i told you before you will not sell this for 18 hundred
  4. This is the only site that bashes me when I put up this posting. Guess I'm figuring out the kind of people who come here.
  5. jiveturkey7876 said:
    This is the only site that bashes me when I put up this posting. Guess I'm figuring out the kind of people who come here.

    Nobody is "bashing" you, it's the fact that you're trying to sell something for more than it's worth.
  6. And it's read/write speeds..not up/down; that applies for networking.
    With all due respect, I wouldn't exactly list this as top-of-the-line either; The components used in this are 1-2 and even 3 generations old.
  7. not bashing you OP just trying to bring you back to reality id price your rig at 12-13 hundred at most that is unless someone is trying to buy a 990x for some reason

    people looking for enthusiast platform today would want sb-e or IB not a super expensive 1st gen i7...

    I have already told you this is the last thread you posted so there was the rehash

    to maximize your revenue on this, part it out..
  8. I think the point has been made. Good luck dude, the right seller is out there.

    As others have said, parting it out would make some pretty quick cash.
  9. lowering price to 1600!
  10. If you're looking to part, I may be interested in the 590...
  11. No sorry I don't have enough time to part it I need to sell it all in the next month.
  12. bumpage
  13. Just a quick thought: it not that bashing only happens here, this is just the only place that doesn't have strict rules against it. I daily check 4 sites buy/sell areas, any when I see some of the prices people ask, I either don't bother or give the s huge dose of misguided positive sarcasm. Here we can just call a spade a spade.

    However, your prices are pretty good for the used, but still high end parts. But for the money, a similar sb or ib system can be had. I would seriously entertain parting out because of this.
  14. How much for the i7 990x?
  15. For $1600, it's a decent buy.
    Tom's Hardware has by far the worst sale forums. Good luck with your sale though.
  16. sold. thank you.
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