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Hi all,

I'm planning to purchase a new system for both gaming, and just general computing. I have one in mind, but would like to know what you think of it, as I'm no expert. I would like to know if it has the capability to play the latest games, and whether or not it has a bright future. The specs are:



Motherboard: ASUS® M4A79XTD EVO: DUAL DDR3, S-ATA II, 2 x PCIe x16, 2 x PCIe x1, 2 x PCI

OS: Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

Graphics Card: 1GB ATI RADEON HD 5770


Also, would this cooling unit be sufficient for the processor:



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  1. Hey Mike,

    Are you planning to OC? If so, I'd save a few bucks and get the 955BE instead, should OC near the same as the 965. Not sure what HSF you're asking about, has good reviews though.

    A 5770 will play the latest games and will serve you well for a while as long as you're not on a huge resolution monitor. Should be fine for a 1920x1080 or smaller resolution monitor.

    Not sure where your shopping, but at this point, I'd pay a little extra and try to find a mobo with USB 3.0. Sata III isnt a big deal unless you're using a solid state drive. Do you know what HDD you plan to use?
  2. Hi Skora,

    Thanks for the response. I'm not planning to OC it just yet, but knowing me, I'll probably end up doing so at a later date, so thanks for the suggestion.

    The monitor I have in mind is a 24" 1920x1080. I was contemplating going for a 22" 1680x1050 instead, but I'm still unsure. From the benchmarks I've browsed through, they seem to indicate that this card will hold up at the larger resolution for most games, bar Crysis.

    The HDD I plan to use is: 1TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 16MB CACHE (7,200rpm). I'm shopping at an online store named PC Specialist. I don't know if you've heard of them before, but they offer quality hardware for a decent price. A couple of the reviews I read had a tendency to put me off, but the number of positive ones seems to be greater than negatives. The URL is:

    The price is £1108, which includes the 24" monitor, keyboard & mouse, speakers, printer, and a number of other accessories. The case that will come with it is a Stylish Conqueror Case. I don't know how good these are, but here's the description of it on the website:

    Dimensions: 437mm x 233mm x 553mm (Approx H x W x D)

    Colours: Silver, Black

    Materials: Aluminium/Plastic Front Door | 0.8mm Japanese Steel | Plastic buttons

    Bays: 4 x 5.25 bays | 2 x 3.5 bays | 5 HDD bays.

    Front USB & Audio: 4 front USB ports | Front Headphone and MIC.*

    Features: Front & rear 120mm fans | Easy access clips | Raised feet | Excellent airflow system.

    Suitability: Mid-Level Gaming, Home Servers, Extreme PC Systems

    Will this be adequate? Sorry, I am truly hopeless when it comes to hardware.
  3. That's why were here to help. And you've done some good homework, so you've passed hopeless into the cold waters of uneasy.

    If youre not OCing now, I'd still look at the 955 to save a few pounds. You won't really notice that much of a difference in 200 mhz. Game benches are at the bottom 965 in blue, 955 in orange:

    Cases all do the same job and that case will do it very well.

    If you aren't comfortable building your own, then there is value in going through a site like that. If you are up for giving it a shot, check in the homebuilt section. Techmo34 has an AWESOME guide on how to assemble a rig and we can pick some other parts. Not sure how much you can save or how much more performance you could get for the same cost. But if you take the pcspecialist build and price out parts, see where they come out, might be worth the time to at least ask the question.
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