No new DLC for Crysis or Crysis WH?

Its sad but besides patches and updates, we did not see any add ons to the game that pc users go back to when they get a new GPU or upgrade their system.... for such an avidly used game, its a shame we have not gotten any new playable content...
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    Crysis inadvertently is a parody of Homer's Iliad - Crysis the game that sold a million GPU's.

    I do agree it would have been to nice to have some DLC for the game but to be honest I enjoyed it enough that I don't really care to much. I paid £10.90 for Crysis Maximum Edition of Steam last month, possibly one of the best deals Steam has ever done.
  2. Dammit!

    How did I miss that offer?!?
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  4. Well there you go, but Crysis is truly a masterpiece classic no matter what other ppl think, the benchmarks that it has put so many millions of PCs through far exceeds any other game currently...... its one of those paradigm games, much like how Counter Strike was played for years on afterwards, Crysis is the testbed for systems of both regular and hardcore PC builders/fanatics/programmers....
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