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hey guys. i really want a gaming computer around $1000-$1300 to play most games on med-high settings. i have a tv that doubles as a monitor, its quite old though. peripherals like monitors and keyboards can be purchased later on though.

i was thinking this site as i am australian, and feel free to customise the preset builds and post a link.
it'd be fantastic if you guys could help.

as posted i wouldnt mind being able to play crysis and star trek online, amongst many other pc only titles. NOTE: i own a 360 and a ps3 so games i play on pc will be pc only, and if there is a multiplatform game i cant play ill buy it for one of the consoles.

thanks heaps guys.

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  1. star trek online is a good game ,if you like you can visit sto credits shoping store
  2. Actually the pomputer requirements for Star Trek aren't that bad, Crysis is another matter, the link you have posted, I am assuming the Gamer, upgrade the psu to 650W, the Nvidea 470, although the ATI 5870 looks good, but ATI and my system never get along, always driver issues, we are seeing in the news about the Aussies internet restrictions, wonder if they are going to think that playing violent games is bad for your health, after all, they did remove all your guns
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