Problem booting up after BIOS Flash of Asus A7V333

Tonight I flashed my BIOS of my Asus A7V333 to 1017 from 1014, and the flash went okay. After the reboot, the system just hangs at the MBA v2.03 Press <Ctrl-B> to select MBA Boot Method (Default is BootWare)..." and it just hangs there...I figured I'd just make a bootup disc to reflash the BIOS to 1014. But it goes straight from POST, to that screen and doesn't allow me to boot up from floppy OR's like it skips that step altogether. How can I disable MBA, or at least do a workaround to reflash the BIOS?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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    4. After a flash, the system should be manually shut down, and the CMOS battery on the mainboard removed for a few minutes. This resets the CMOS (look in your motherboard manual on how this is done), and avoids other protential checksum errors. Afterwards, when you first apply power to the system, the BIOS should immediately be accessed, the optimal settings selected, and then saved. And then manually rebooted again.

    5. Once more, you should go back into the BIOS, and make any personal changes that you know you need, such as the correct AGP aperture settings and speed, making sure all the devices like the hard drives and optical drives are properly detected, that unnecessary ports are disabled, that the correct version of the power management is running, etc.

    Do not flash a BIOS if the system is overclocked in any way. All settings must be default.


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  2. Personally, I don't consider that board to be too reliable anyway. I recently upgraded one of those from a 2400+ to a 2600+ and had nothing but problems with lock up. I worked at length to determine what the problem was by replacing memory, checking settings, etc and the only way to resolve my problem was to put my old 2400+ back. Since then it has remained free of problems. Upgrading to a processor this thing should support shouldn't create the problems I had. My only conclusion is/was that this board isn't a good choice.
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