Should my setup be running better?

A while ago I bought an HP desktop and changed out the PSU and GPU to the following.

Quad 2.2 AMD
8800gts 640
500w PSU
3gb ram
Vista 32

I recently bought an Asus G50 with the following specs.

Intel Dual 2.13
9800m GS 512
4bg ram.
Vista 64

My question is about the desktop. On the laptop at the same resolution I can run games at 20-30 FPS higher than the Desktop except in very CPU intense situations, then the Laptop is only mildly better with games.

2 examples are WoW and War

With WoW the Desktop is at 15 FPS in dalaran, but the laptop can do almost 30.
Now In War the Desktop is around 25 and in RvR it sinks to around 6 FPS. But the laptop can run it in the 40s in most situations and in RvR is in the teens.

Shouldn't it be switched with the Desktop running higher FPS than the laptop or does the OS and 1GB ram make THAT much of a difference?

Thank you for any help, It is just something that has been bothering me that I don't quite get.
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  1. how big is the monitor of your desktop? the larger the monitor, the more pixels it has to generate.

    if your desktop runs at a 1920*1200 resolution and your g50 on 1280*1024, the desktop needs to work twice as hard as your laptop.
  2. I run them both on the Large monitor. Which is a 1680 X1050 Resolution. I have noticed that the laptop will use up to 3gb RAM but the desktop will never uses more than 2 GB ram. Is it possible that the 32 bit vista is limiting the desktop to never use over 2gb ram at a time? I know I am asking a pretty broad question so sorry if I forget any details and if any extra information I can provide would help please ask. I am about ready to break down and buy a GTX 260 but I am not sure if that is even what is bottlenecking the Desktop.

    Thanks for any help!
  3. Well, one thing that strikes my attention is that there is 3GB of RAM on the desktop? Do you have 3 or 4 sticks of RAM? If you have three there could be something going wrong there because the motherboard would have to switch into single channel mode. 2 or 4 sticks is the best bet for your platform. Also, it is very possible that the 32bit OS is playing a part in this problem. Now, I don't understand how this works perfectly, but to the best of my knowledge, 32bit OSes only accept 4GB of RAM, but that also includes the GPU memory. If you have a 64 bit OS lying around maybe you could give that a shot?
  4. I don't have a 64bit OS laying around but I can get Windows 7 for around 65$ as the student price and that is something I can considering. The 3gb of ram is 2X1GB and 2X512MB so it isnt dual channel mode. But even with the graphcs card my memory still only gets to 3.7 GB of ram. I am wondering if maybe there is some limitation on a 32 bit system otherwise that I don't know about. I am really considering buying the 64 bit system but I am weary to spend the money if I have no real indication that it might help.

    Grant it I know that no one can tell me that it will work, just looking for the best suggestions and then work from there. The other factor I have been considering is that maybe the PSU isnt good enough? Its an Antec 500w with 3 12 volt rails that are 18A, 18A, and .5A. But I have not been able to find much information about how a PSU truly works.

    Any suggestions or advice welcome and thank you for any help!
  5. I had a 8500GT which did not need a PSU connector. I upgraded to a 8800GT and barely doubled my score on 3Dmark. I then upgraded my PSU to a 650 W Coolermaster, and got almost 6 times my previous score...moral of the story is that you GPU will struggle if it does not get enough power and might blow, in which case it might also take another component with it to the great mobo in the sky..
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