Will W2K still launch after MOBO change?

I'm about to change my mobo. I have a 440BX chipset mobo (ASUS P2B-F) that originaly had a PIII 500. A year ago I installed a PowerLeap product that replaces the CPU with a Celeron 1.4 Thats worked great; no problems, just had to update BIOS; big improvement. But now I just ordered the MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R and Athlon 64 and 2 x 512 sticks of Corsair 3200LLPT. I'm using Win2K. Does anyone know if when I boot up with my current HD to Win 2k after hooking it up to the new mobo/cpu/ram, will my computer boot up to windows ok? Or, will it not like it due to too many changes, as I've heard XP does to protect copyrights (apparently XP thinks it's a new machine and won't allow it) Maybe W2K doesn't have a problem with this? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. No thats a major change that'll require backing up your important files and reinstalling from scratch.

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  2. When you change the motherboard the odds are good the chipsets change.
    In any case a full re-install of the OS is a good way to go because ripping out the old MoB drivers and replacing them will only corrupt the operating system.
    It can be done but the PC would proly only boot to safe mode in the first place as the old MoB drivers are in conflict with the new Chipset.
    If you are upgrading so that you can improve performance why would you want an OS that's had its heart torn out then replaced it hardly warrants the upgrade.......
    As standard procedure whenever I replace a hardware device I generally re-install the operating system Fresh and Clean.

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  3. I went from 98SE to 2000Pro. No problems with 500 Mhz Athlon. New upgrade I had to intall 2000 because I put in new HD.
  4. You won't have any activation or copy-protection issues. What WILL happen though, is that you'll most likely have to install a fresh copy of the OS... you're going to a completely different class CPU and chipset. You could try booting to see if it works, but I foresee a lot of BSODs if you do.

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  5. Thanks for the advice. I'll just back up files and reinstall OS so it runs the best it can. And i may as well go to XP at the same time.
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