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Racing Wheel

I need a racing wheel for my gaming pc, I don't have $300 to spend on a g27/25

I would like to spend something close to $100

I was looking at the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Forcec Feedback Racing Wheel

or the Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Wheel

Does anyone have an opinion about it? What I'm looking here is for the best bang for the buck, not the best of the best (g25/G27)
Again I'm looking for something close to $100

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    I did have,well still do a Thrustmaster Force Feedback Racing wheel,i now have a G25 but i have to say that considering the Thrustmaster is a few years old now for me it still holds its own,i have to say that i wished i had waited until it broke before getting the G25 because there was not the big leap i was expecting between the two imo.
  2. Here is a link,sorry its not a good picture,pictures of this wheel were hard to come by and there is no price,but this is the wheel i had and loved it.
  3. So whould I buy the Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Forcec Feedback Racing Wheel ?
  4. Having never used that wheel it would be wrong of me to just say yes,but its not that dessimilar from the one i had and is made by Thrustmaster,so i should imagin its a safe bet getting one,but before you do see if you can find some reviews from people that have brought one.There are normally reviews on sites like Amazon like these.
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