I have low FPS in CS:Source Why?

AMD ATHLON 64x2 4200 2.2ghz
GeForce 9800GTX+
Im starting to think my CPU blows and cannot handle it is that the problem?
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  1. Yea, cpu could be (and probably is) your bottleneck.
  2. if i got an AMD phenom 3.1ghz would that hold atleast 100fps in source with my specs?
  3. what amd phenom? there are many. Quad core? and it wouldnt work with your motherboard, looking at your cpu, you have a socket AM2 mobo, Phenoms are AM2+ and AM3
  4. and unless you have issues with your ePeen, why at least 100fps? 60 will do you fine, and you can drop as low as 30 before your eye will know the difference anyway.
  5. how bad is it? CS:Source needs really low levels of everything to run. How much FPS do you have it at right now? If its above 40, you shouldn't whine about it, its really not that bad.

    If you prefer fps over graphics, you could easily get more FPS by lowering graphic settings or turning down resolution without getting new hardware
  6. I played on a AMD Athlon 4800x2 that is like 3 years old and I had 69fps average on the CSS bench. At that point my 8500GT was causing the bottleneck. I also had 2 GIG DDR2 667. How much can the 200mHz make a difference in the same CPU family?

    Nah...Run a 3Dmark...If you score less than 6000-7000 on default, it could be that your PSU is not supplying enough power to the GPU. This happened to me when I installed a 8800GT on a similar system. After testing with a friends powerful PSU, I started making decent frames and 3dMark results.
  7. Your machine should be more than powerful enough to run CS-Source, the game-engine is from 2004.

    I run it with 6x AA, 8x AF, everything on high (except High Dynamic Range) @ 1280x800 on my laptop containing:

    Intel Dual Core T4400
    2Gb DDR2 667
    Fujitsu 5.200Rpm HDD
    ATI Mobility Radeon X2300HD

    EDIT* My average framerate is around 47 FPS

    Have you updated your drivers recently?
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