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i've been experiencing a lot of crashes (and crashes to desktop) since upgrading my computer's CPU and Video Card. could someone please help me troubleshoot this? i've run completely out of ideas. It seems to crash whenever i do anything CPU intensive - such as installing new games or programs(sometimes, not very often) and when playing games(quite often). I upgraded about 2 months ago. thanks so much in advance for your help, guys :)

CPU: AMD XP 3000+ (in bios set to 2167Mhz(13X multiplier @166Mhz) - 333Mhz edition
RAM: 1GB of 333Mhz RAM
Motherboard: ASUS A7V8X
Video card: ATi Radeon 9800 Pro - 128MB
Operating System: Windows XP and Fedora Core 2(Linux)

these are the steps that i've taken:
1. Updated motherboard BIOS.
2. Tried different versions of the video card drivers
(using Catalyst 4.8)
3. Checked temperature of CPU - averages around 50 - 60
during normal use. (someone suggested that this may be
the problem but as i recall, my old AMD XP 2000+ CPU ran
either at this temperature or higher).
4. Installed case fans, cleaned case and fans, heatsinks of
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  1. Bad power supply? Is it big enough or it might be going bad.

    I kind had the same problem, i installed a different power supply and my system is working fine now.

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  2. I'm assuming your power supply's 4-pin connector is hooked up to the motherboard (near the CPU) to ensure the CPU is receiving enough voltage?
    Also, you can rule out the fact that your CPU is reaching 60 degrees celcius, which is perfectly normal. Usually 40-50 is best though. It's when you reach 90-100 that it gets in the red. My old Athlon XP 2800+ used to run at over 100 degrees celcius for some strange reasons, and it worked like this for months (before blowing up along with the motherboard, at which point I got a P4 3.0 GHz)
  3. hi guys,

    thanks so much for replying to my post. i've currently got a 350W power supply. shouldn't that be sufficient for my current system? the thing weird thing that i notice(and i have absolutely no explanantion for this) is that when i boot up my computer for the first time in the day, i can usually get in on or two hours of proper gaming before the thing crashes, which leads me to believe that i have an overheating problem =( but it the heatsinks for both the CPU and video card doesn't seem that hot to touch. what do you guys think?
  4. Your power supply is more than enough. I have a P4 3.0 Ghz, 2 hard drives (120 GB + 80 GB), a CD-RW and DVD drive all running on my 250W power supply and it functions flawlessly. My other 450W power supply kept crashing the computer because it was not giving the CPU enough voltage (needs 12v and it wasn't even reaching 11v), so 350W is enough, but it's not necessarily working as it should. If you have a motherboard that monitors your voltages and heat levels (which you probably do), then make sure to check your BIOS and see what the heat levels are not just for the CPU, but for the motherboard and all the voltages. Watch the voltages for a bit and see if anything goes in the red. If Everything is white, then you're ok in terms of voltages and heat/voltage requirements.
  5. You may try to run it with the case's side panel open just to see if it is a bad vented case problem which may lead to overheating.

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