HD5970 + Oblivion (forcing AA/AF without Cat A.I.) Shimmering issue.

Hello everyone,

Recently got a working 5970 from Asus after receiving two defective 5970's (one Sapphire and one Diamond,) and damn is this card fast.

But, it has been a while since I had an ATI card (or was gaming on the PC for that matter,) and last I had an ATI card it was the 9800XT and I loved it. Seems that since then ATI has gone a bit downhill in the driver department. So here's my problem.

Oblivion looks beautiful. Running it w/ every graphical mod out there and it looks spectacular (I can post screenies on request.)

I have been running the game with Catalyst A.I. on standard and also advanced (I read that since the 6.2 drivers any Crossfire users should be using the advanced Catalyst A.I. setting to Enable AFR for multi-GPU setups.) Anyways, AA/AF only appear to work WITH Catalyst A.I. enabled, and it looks great. BUT, there is some massive "shimmering," is the best way I can describe it. Basically, there are lines running rapidly up/down the screen and it is almost nauseating to look at.

Low and behold, with Catalyst A.I. set to OFF, the shimmering is gone and my eyes are pleased, well, relatively so, but there is NO AA/AF support with Catalyst A.I. disabled.

So, Catalyst A.I. on = AA/AF in Oblivion but you will want to gouge your eyes out after playing for 15 minutes.

Catalyst A.I. off = NO AA/AF but the "shimmering" that would prompt you to gouge your eyes out is gone, but damn, does it look ugly without the AA/AF.

I am praying that somebody, anybody, has had similar issues or knows anything I could try. Tried forcing AA/AF through ATI Tray Tools and CCC w/ Catalyst A.I. off to no avail.

Please help!


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  1. Driver issue for the 5970's? No drivers I have tried work. Waiting on 10.1's hoping that will fix it
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