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It's been 6 weeks since I bought my laptop and i had microsoft office 2007 on it.but now it's not working.i had a label on the laptop's back where the product key was found but it is not accepted
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  1. Was it just a trial version of Office? Many computers just come with a trial. Office is pretty expensive so unless you paid extra for it then it probably expired. You will have to buy a full version to keep using it.
  2. Hi b21lucie,

    As anort3 said, many Windows 7 computers come with a 60-day trial of Office. I think the key you are seeing is the product key for Windows 7, not for Office 2007. You can download the trial of Office 2010 for free but it too will expire after 60 days -

    Microsoft Window Outreach
  3. You will need to buy a full version off Office to keep using it, or switch to an alternative like
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