Emachines ET1831-05 and HP pavillion a1268c parts

Hello forum, I'm here today to see if i can get any interest in some of my old computer parts. I am currently in the process in creating a decent budget rig and some extra money would help greatly. All of the items listed are currently working (especially the ones in my current build :P)

My current build is techincally a mix between the two models listed in the title (HP pavillion a1268c and emachines ET 1831-05) so it runs better than the two did stock

Now for the parts for sale with short descriptions and picture of each:

AMD Athalon 64 x2 3800+ W/ Heatsink & Fan- HP, Used for two years before a virus crashed the older computer, swapped it out with the Intel last year, Currently in my Build

Intel Celeron 450 W/Heatsink &Fan- Emachines, Newer of the two CPUs but i pulled it and the motherboard in favor of the dual core AMD in order to play dirt 3 after a new graphics card purchase, like the AMD it probably has about 2 years of use but still works as it should

HP Pavilion A1710N Motherboard- same as the AMD

Intel Socket 775 mcp73vt-pm Motherboard same as the Intel, pulled the 3 gigs of ram to put in the AMD motherboard.

Power Supplies:
ATX250pa 250 watt power supply HP, in current build only because of the 2 power connecters (i needed 3 for the two hard drives and cd drive in my current build)

bestec Atx-300-12z 300 WATT power supply Emachines, Just a standard PSU with 2 power connecters (used for 1 hdd and 1 disc drive)

2 GU342G0ALEPR692C6F1 1/2 GB DDR2 RAM Emachines, I don't know as much about ram but theres 2 sticks at 1 and 2 GB

2 hymp564u64bp8-c4 512MB RAM HP, 2 512 MB sticks.

If interested, I can also list the HP pavillion case for anyone looking for a cheap (Micro ATX?) case, includes a cd drive and front usb media card reader, audio and 1394 connectors. The usb port on the media card reader is broken but theres still 2 working usbs on the front.

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    these parts are still for sale..
  3. Will list prices wanted

    athalon 64 x2 3800+ 20$
    Intel Celeron 450 20$
    Nodus3-GL8E 40$
    mcp73vt-pm 40$
    bestec Atx-300-12z 300 20$
    ATX250pa 250 20$
    4 gigs ram 20$
    HP Pavillion Case 20$
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