Can someone please try and help me out?


Windows 7 64-bit
Nvidia 8600 GT x
Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 x
Western Digital 160gb 7200rpm IDE x
2gigs DDR2 800 G-Skill x
500W Thermaltake PSU x
BioStar Intel Micro ATX Mobo x

When I run WoW, it does fine on Ultra settings, and then a couple minutes into it, my FPS will drop to ~8-10, even when I turn the graphics down to Fair.

I've been slowly upgrading everything all summer, but it's still doing as terrible as it did before. (I had an HP a1410y and have replaced everything from it except the HDD and Optical)

I have finally giving up on trying to figure out what the issue could be because I have no idea right now.

Can someone lend a helping hand on trying to figure out what it could be?
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  1. Are you running anything like AGV,i dont think thats its your hardware,it sounds like you have a conflict somewhere. What OS are you running?
  2. Sorry,just read your post again,your running Windows 7 64 bit.
  3. Do you mean AVG?
    If so, I just started running Microsoft Security Essentials, but this also happened when I ran XP and didn't have any AVG.
  4. Yes, i think he means avg. and are there any other programs running that could be blocking it?
  5. No. The only programs that run in the background when I'm playing is Curse Client, and Pidgin.
  6. Hm alright. check your temps, if it starts lagging after a few minutes, things could definitely be overheating, what kind of airflow do you have in that case?
  7. Sorry i did mean AVG,it was gone 1 in the morning lol.You say that you have slowly been upgrading,can you remember when you started having problems,what was the last peice of hardware or software that you installed. Have you tried different drivers for your GPU,sometimes when i installed the latest drivers some game run worse,so i go back to a older one,or JDV28 could be right,it could be a heat issue,download something like rivertuner or GPU-Z to monitor temps when in game.I think that a 8600GT is ok up to about 90 degrees,but you could do with it being a bit lower to be on the safe side.
  8. I started upgrading because I've always had low FPS problems. The original computer didn't have a graphics card. The last piece of hardware I installed was a new Mobo & RAM, and the latest software was Windows 7. I'll try checking to see if it's a temperature issue.
  9. I just ran EVGA Precision, and while running WoW, the GPU temperature got up to 118C. Definitely a heating issue. The GPU gets so hot that it turns off everything it can just to keep the display up, essentially giving me very crappy onboard video after it bombs.

    Thanks everyone! :) Will be purchasing a new case very soon.
  10. Just before you buy a new case do you think it could be a faulty card,most cases come with sufficient cooling.Does the fan on your GPU speed up accordingly to load or is there a manual setting for it?
  11. i think they are all auto. but yea, before you buy a new case lets try some things. try what andy says, and then try taking off the side panel of your case and then check the temps, if it cools down, then you know its an airflow problem and you need a new case.
  12. I know that they are two different card but on mine there is a auto setting like you said but i can over ride that and manually set it my self to what ever percentage,but the more i go the louder it gets.I see what your saying JDV28 but are the fans in a case setup in such a way to get rid of heat and by taking the side of you can disrupt the air flow?,but it in theory taking the side of should cool it down so i get what you are saying.
  13. actually, alot of the time cases with bad airflow but good components, actually hold in the heat because of insufficient airflow. but yea i know what you are saying. and if he didnt mess with it it should be on auto but im not going to assume that. so i am guessing that the problem is that its overheating due to bad airflow.
  14. The GPU fan was on Auto at 75%, and I manually adjusted it to 100%. I couldn't hear it speeding up or slowing down when I adjusted it, but I'm not sure if that's because my CPU fan is extremely loud. I'm getting ready to take the side off to see if that cools it down. I have a front (80mm) and back (120mm) fan that is pulling air in from the front, and pushing it out the back. This is my case, also.
  15. There does not seem to be much cooling in that tower tbh so JDV28 could be right,maybe heat is the issue. this is my case that i brought about 8 months ago,now i know its not the best but for the price i think its a good little tower,iam running 2 4870 in CF with no heat issues.
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