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Crysis Warhead MP vs COD 4 MP

i've recently been looking for a new multilayer pc game to play, its come down to cod 4 or crysis warhead, i know that the first crysis mp was a failure and has hackers :pfff: , is crysis warhead the same? cod 4 i know is suppose to be amazing mp but i like the great graphics of crysis. what would your recommendation of a great mp game be. other recommendations accepted. :D
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    Both are different crysis Warhead MP is hardcore multiplayer and cod4 MP is more noob friendly. Personally if I had to choose one of the two it will be the cod4 because I like it more.

    Another recommendation is the Shattered Horizon
  2. I can't speak for crysis warhead(never played it), but CoD4 has ALOT of replayability. There's 55 ranks and when you reach a new rank, most of the time it will unlock a new gun to use. On top of that, each gun has different attachments to unlock based on certain achievements ( get x kills with this gun, get x headshots with that gun). There's also kill streak rewards (3 kills in row=UAV, 5=airstrike, 7=helicopter). <---I think those are right; I've been playing MW2 and you can assign different rewards for different kill streaks.
  3. does crysis warhead still have hackers like its predecessor?
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